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月, 28 9 2020

Summer Project Started

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Summer(?) Project of this year has tarted.

Our lab has a summer project almost every year, in which students develop a system together, like hackathons.

This year, we decided to have our summer project online, due to covid-19, and to recruit students to participate the project. Totally 4 students of …


木, 09 4 2020

2020FY KickOff Seminar

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We had the first session of our kick-off seminar this fiscal year. Existing members introduced themselves, in addition to new members.

Due to the spread of new coronavirus, our university asked its faculty and staff to work from. So the seminar was conducted online, using Microsoft Teams.


金, 27 9 2019

Summer Project (Final Day)

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Final day of Summer(?) Project

It's the final day of our Summer Project. Since we have the final presentation from 4pm, students look a little busier. However, as you can see, there are lots of seets and drinks on the desk.

I was very impressed by our students because the …